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Integrate solutions with third-party services easily

with open source solutions

Tecnolynx supports open source initiatives and strongly advocates leveraging the power of these technologies for businesses. The openness, flexibility to build upon, ease of integrations with 3rd party services, affordability and the support from the communities helps in building robust solutions for businesses.

Open source platforms respect the freedom of users, which makes them flexible to build solutions at a faster turnaround time.

We develop solutions for the following open source platforms.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms enable management of business operations including sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance, human resources etc in an integrated environment.

CRM Solutions Services

Managing relationship with customers is a key factor in achieving the business bottom line. Managing information on leads, customer’s business domain, contacts, interactions, sales, contracts, marketing efforts etc.,

Content Management Systems

Open source CMS allow uncomplicated approach in creating, editing, organizing and publishing digital contents for websites.

Ecommerce Platforms

Open source ecommerce platforms have helped businesses embrace ecommerce with open arms. These platforms are free as it is and mirror practices in physical commerce, making the onboarding process easier.

Learning Management System

eLearning has revolutionized the knowledge and skill acquisition process. Thanks to Open source learning management solutions that enabled wider adaption of eLearning.

Document Management System

Document Management Solutions enable management, storage and tracking of electronic documents with ease, especially in businesses where a lot of paper work is involved.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management applications help in managing the HR functions from recruitment and training of resources to performance analysis and reviews to administration of benefits and payrolls.

Electronic Medical Records

Opensource platform OpenEMR is the most popular medical practice management software which supports Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Need help in development of any open-source platforms for your business?

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Our goals

To work closely with you, creating customised, one-of-a-kind solutions that are tailored to your industry. Maintain a commitment to growing our client's business capabilities while also establishing ourselves as a valued partner in their future expansion. To establish ourselves as highly reliable partners in all specialized mobile app, web design, and development projects.

Our strategy

We Research, Listen, and Analyze. We start every project by getting to know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. This enables us to develop smart solutions that deliver the relevant messages and reflect your own brand character. Every project, no matter how big or little, follows an industry standard methodology.

Our key values

1. Client satisfaction is our number one priority.
2. Client-focused strategies
3. With consistency and trust.
4. Deployment of solutions that are purely based on the ROI
5. Committed to business ethics

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