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Give your consumers a quality experience with Small Business CRM

A small business CRM is associated with easy-to-use, easy-to-manage contacts, acquiring leads, and handling.

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Streamline your business using a

Small Business CRM

Only by treating your customers well and delivering them with 100 percent satisfaction and support can you build a large business from a small one. Managing relationship with customers is a key factor in achieving the business bottom line. Managing information on leads, customer’s business domain, contacts, interactions, sales, contracts, marketing efforts etc., provide actionable insights to business opportunities and streamline operations delivery high quality customer service.

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Opensource CRMs are equipped with analytics and allows flexibility to implement predictive models to understand customer behaviours, forecast opportunities and business risks. Our services in open source CRM platforms include:

Consultations on technologies, implementations and process improvements

and workflow

with legacy systems
and 3rd party

Planning and implementation of solutions

Customization of user interfaces

Developing new features/modules

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Data migration

LMS Training, support and maintenance

Training and

small business crm maintenance

and maintenance

Want to grow your business
with a customised CRM

What is the relevance of

CRM for small businesses?

You could probably get along without a CRM system in the past. But times have changed. Customer relationships are more crucial than ever; you need a tool to manage them, especially if you’re a small business that has yet to create an impression on a target audience.

CRM enables businesses to develop relationships with their customers, which leads to loyalty and client retention. CRM is a management approach that results in greater profitability for a business since customer loyalty and revenue are both factors that impact a company’s revenue.

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Advantages of small business CRM

Grow business
With a CRM, you can streamline and grow your business.
Improve customer satisfaction
Create brand loyalty and give 100% satisfaction by providing your customers with a smooth experience.
Automate tasks
You may quickly automate and simplify your operations using a CRM.

Get insights and thorough reports on your customer’s demands so that you can give them the finest services possible.