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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes what personal information about you Tecnolynx gathers and how we use it.
Last updated on 26/08/2022.

Why should you read this?

We are Tecnolynx, an IT consultancy and software development company based in Hyderabad. You are presently on our website, which serves as the online representation of our business, as you read this page. We are steadfastly devoted to giving you a wonderful experience while you browse our website, to sharing the things you might find interesting, to immediately answering any queries that could arise, and to ensuring that the website operates continuously so that you don't become disappointed. Without your kind cooperation, which you provide by providing your personal data with us, this will not be possible. While also acknowledging the extreme sensitivity of personal data, we take your privacy very seriously. To prevent you from feeling insecure in this respect, we have created this privacy policy, which goes into great depth about how we operate with your personal data.
Before using this website, please carefully read this policy. Your data will only be processed in the ways that this Policy specifies. Children under the age of 16 are not intended for our Websites, and we do not intentionally collect personal information from them.
This Policy is an essential aspect of the Website's Terms and Conditions. Kindly ensure to review our Policy periodically as we may decide to revise it in the future. Please email us at business@tecnolynx.com if you have any questions or complaints about our policy.

What data do we collect?

To give you honest feedback about our services, Texnolynx gathers data. Some of this information is provided voluntarily by you, such as when you fill out the Contact us, Contact, and Ask Author forms to contact us for assistance or to post on one of our articles. Some of the information we collect comes from technology like cookies, as well as from software operating on your device that sends us problem reports or use information.
We also get information from outside sources. We safeguard information collected from third parties in accordance with the policies outlined in this statement and any additional limitations imposed by the information's origin. These outside sources could change over time, but now they consist of:
Regarding the data we gather, you have options. You have the option to refuse providing personal information when prompted. However, you might not be able to access a service, a feature, or get feedback if you decide not to share data that is required for its delivery.
The information we gather potentially consist of the following:
Name and contact data: We gather information such as your first and last name, business email address, phone number, and company name.
Demographic data: We gather information about you, such as your preferred language and country.
Website data: We keep track of your website activities with Tecnolynx. For instance, we gather:
Please keep in mind that you may provide personal information that we do not require, such as your payment information, in the description part of a CONTACT-US form. We only intend to save this data on our backup server; we will not utilise it in any other manner. Do not provide us with any personal information that has not been specifically requested from you.
We may also get personal information through publicly accessible sources or from third parties who have your permission to provide it to us.

Why do we collect data?

Sending messages, including marketing communications, advertising, evaluating website visitor statistics, technical website issues, and enhancing website user experience are just a few of the reasons Tecnolynx gathers the data.
To fulfil these goals, we will communicate with you about matters you have requested; we'll get in touch with you if we need to get more information from you; we'll double-check our records; and we'll occasionally ask how you're doing. We do not share our email lists for rent or trade with other companies or organisations.
We have included technological and operational precautions intended to stop data leaks, but to increase privacy. For instance, we keep information about you that we have obtained directly or indirectly, such as your name, company name, email address, or phone number, in a secure database.
Additionally, you may subscribe to emails and specify whether you want to receive from Tecnolynx through email, SMS, postal mail, or phone for marketing communications.

Why do we share your personal data?

Your information will be given to our Development Centre, who will deal with your request. Our Development Centre is not permitted to use any personal data it obtains from us for any other reasons than those listed above and is subject to our data privacy and security rules. All responsibilities of the Development Centre are outlined in an agreement between Tecnolynx and the Development Centre, which aims to provide a sufficient degree of security for the personal information you give.
We shall get access to, move, disclose, and keep a copy of your personal information where we in good faith believe it is required to:
We remain accountable if third-party agents treat personal data on our behalf in a manner that is at odds with the guidelines set out below, unless we can demonstrate that we had no involvement in the incident that resulted in the damage.
Please be aware that some of our website pages contain links to third-party services whose privacy practices may be different from Tecnolynx's. If you give any of those organisations your personal information, their privacy policies will apply to your information.

What rights do you have?

You have the right to access, modify, or remove the personal data we maintain on you.
You have the right to know at any moment what personal information we have about you and who has access to it.
Any outdated or incomplete personal information we may have about you may be requested from us for free updating.
Any marketing messages we may send you can be opted out of. Service communications that are required do not fall under this option.
You have the right to withdraw your permission at any time for the processing of your information.
Your personal information may be updated or deleted upon request.

Cookies and similar technologies

Tecnolynx provides online services and assists in data collection via cookies, a tiny text file that is stored on your device. A cookie's content might contain other information in addition to a string of numbers and characters that uniquely identify your machine.
Among the many uses for which we employ cookies and related technologies are the following:
Security: Cookies help us identify fraud and misuse of our services and website.
Storing information, you provide on a website: In order to remember the data you have provided, we record the information you submit in a cookie.
We normally set cookies primarily for statistical analysis of websites.

How to control cookies?

Typically, you can disable cookies in your browser.

Other similar technologies

We may also use other comparable technologies in addition to standard cookies to store and access data files on your computer. Usually, this is done to boost speed and efficiency by keeping particular data locally. Similar to traditional cookies, these technologies allow you to save a special computer identifier that may be used to trace your online activity. Local Shared Objects is one of these technologies (or "Flash cookies").

Notice to end users

Tecnolynx's services are aimed towards organisations. If your organisation has any policies, they may apply to how you use the Tecnolynx website. Please contact your administrator if your organisation is in charge of overseeing how you use Tecnolynx's website. Tecnolynx disclaims any liability for our customers' privacy or security policies, which may vary from those outlined in this privacy statement.
The owner of the domain (for example, your employer) associated with your email address may access and process your data, including the content of your communications and files, if you use an email address provided by a company or institution with which you are affiliated, such as a school or employer.

How we secure your data

To guard against unauthorised access, use, or disclosure of your personal information, we implement a number of security technologies and processes. For instance, we keep the confidential information you give us on computers in secure locations with restricted access.

How long would the data be stored?

Tecnolynx keeps personal information for as long as it takes to fulfil your requests for services and comments, as well as for other vital functions including adhering to legal requirements and upholding contracts. Actual retention times may vary since these requirements can change for various data types. The following factors are used to calculate the retention periods:

Updating the privacy policy: Our process

To change its terms or consider user input, we shall update this privacy statement as needed. We will update the "last updated" date at the top of this statement whenever we upload updates to it. If there are significant changes to the statement, we will let you know either by giving you a direct communication or by publicly posting a notice of the changes before they go into effect.

How to contact us?

If you have any concerns about the privacy policy, you may email us at business@tecnolynx.com. A response will be sent to you no later than 30 days.