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Want to increase efficiency in your business? Simplify your problems with artificial intelligence and machine learning? Want to build a web application or API? We know what works; user interface design & user experience deign showcase. Need professional enterprise reporting and BI solutions for your business? Want to build a mobile application? Want to develop your SQL server database with SSW? Keep your data available and secure and improve its performance.

Need support with strategy, ideation and best practice? Our Data Consulting team will help you get there. Need solid data foundations and platform expertise? Our Data Engineering team is here for you.

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An overview of what we do

Our services


Create customised software for your business to help you reach your objectives and push your company to the next level.


The database management system provides a centralised view of data that can be accessed in a controlled manner by several users from various locations.

and Marketing

Plan and create a marketing strategy for you business with Marketing strategy planning and implementation.

and Management

IT consulting is a cost-effective technique for organisations that rely on IT performance to support their business operations.

Mobile Application Development

Help your business grow with a mobile application and online marketing strategies to take it to the next level.

The solutions we provide are affordable,
set standards of excellence and help your business stand out in the crowd

Reach out to our support engineer to have a friendly discussion about your business and your requirements.
Our most popular

Application products


Create bills, keep track of your finances, and manage all of your accounting activities with speed and efficiency with our billing applications.Our billing application is significantly more powerful.


The E-commerce marketplace, also known as online e-commerce marketing, is a location or website where customers may buy items from a variety of sellers, companies, or individuals all on one platform.

Customer Support Management

You can impress your customers by assisting and supporting them and handling them properly with smart and versatile customer support management.

Food Ordering & Delivery Application

Food delivery application that we create to make consumers' lives simpler. And we connect restaurants with smartphones.

Membership Management Solutions

Membership management solutions allow you to centralise all of your member administration processes.

Learning Management System

Our expert developers provide custom LMS development, integration, and implementation. We have expertise in delivering Moodle LMS based eLearning solutions

Parcel & Courier Management application

Parcel And Courier Management Application development services, you can take your courier delivery and order management to the next level.

Real Estate

A customised real estate application allows you to handle everything in your real estate services in one place while delivering a high level of customer experience throughout the process.

Business CRM

A small business CRM is associated with easy-to-use, easy-to-manage contacts, acquiring leads, and handling. Managing relationship with customers is a key factor in achieving the business bottom line.

Why Us?

Our carefully selected staff are all experts, who complement each other, share ideas and through our close working relationships, create astonishing results for our clients.

Worried about running into unsuspecting problems with your website, ecommerce store, or application? Tecnolynx’s team of experts are just an extension of your team who can provide you preventive and corrective maintenance support.

Years of experience on a variety of projects on different domains and platforms have equipped us us to ask the right questions and build the right solutions to save our clients time and money.

Our developers are certified and have decades of experience in a variety of coding languages and popular technologies.

Tecnolynx will always justly quote, and we keep the pricing process transparent. The pricing of projectsdepends on the amount of time and resources used. No hidden costs whatsoever.

Browse through the solutions we have created and delivered for customers over the years.

Tecnolynx embraces a ‘no jargon’ approach when collaborating with clients and are always happy to chat through an idea to its actualization We take pride in seeing your business soar new heights.

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Get A Free Consultation
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Get A Free Consultation
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Get A Free Consultation
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Get A Free Consultation
And Estimate

Get A Free Consultation
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