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About Client

In 2010, Md. Kamrul Hasan Salim established the company in Mirpur, Dhaka. The company’s major expertise and concentration are on exporting and importing clothing and items from local buying houses and manufacturers to international purchasers. The Middle East, particularly the United Arab Emirates, is where they get the majority of business. It also offers courier services both internationally and domestically.

Project Brief

The B M Birla Science Centre approached us with worries that their website was outdated, that it lacked a Google listing and SEO, and that it was difficult to load, causing users to quit the site in the middle of their visit. The website was constructed on antiquated technology that couldn’t keep up with modern technology and was riddled with bugs and other problems.

Services Provided

A hard working woman starting clothes.

The Problem

The current software system has to options to information about order and no monitoring system of shipment.
Safe Group approached us with their issues, the most immediate of which was the need for software that would allow them to align the design on the personalised receipt books they had already printed since the design had previously not been aligned with the receipt pages when printed. The requirement for monitoring the shipments they’ve been performing was also a major concern. They needed software that would allow both the sender and the recipient to monitor their orders and get information about the shipment throughout the process until it arrived at its destination.
safe group software developnment for order and monior shipment process

The solution

When they came to us with their concern, our team investigated it and developed software that helped align the design of the receipt book when it was printed, as well as integrating shipment tracking features into the software, allowing both the sender and receiver to track the shipment from the time it was placed until it arrived at its destination and receiving updates. Since the software that had been designed precisely for them was working properly, this had resolved all of their major issues.

Why is there a need for shipment tracking software?

These are some of the aspects that impact the consumer experience, from customer service to shipping and delivery. One of the most significant aspects is the conclusion. The tracking software provides every detail regarding the delivery, including the ability of the sender and receiver to trace the actual position of each order placed. Shipment tracking is a powerful tool for establishing confidence and keeping lines of communication open with customers. It comprises keeping clients updated on the status of their shipments throughout the delivery process. The way orders are tracked varies by each supplier. It might include real-time tracking, expected delivery dates, and order status updates.

In a competitive market, a good delivery tracking system is vital for optimising the entire delivery system. Your items and fleet will be adequately controlled if you use a good tracking system. Your items and fleet will be adequately controlled if you use a good tracking system. An effective tracking system allows a company to streamline its normal operations, improve the customer experience, and eliminate unnecessary procedures while working fast and efficiently.

Results - How did it solve the problem?

All of their issues were addressed when the software was designed with shipping tracking and receipt design alignment capabilities. The shipment tracking tool was working effectively and accurately, and the Safe group and recipients were now able to track shipment progress and receive shipping updates, making the business more transparent. The software was well-designed to align the receipt design to the receipt books during printing, and their receipts were produced in appropriate alignment with regard to the custom receipt book after they used it.