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About Client

Person to Person is a ministry that offers Bible-based counselling and education to individuals. Without bias, Person to Person views its ministry as building churches, Christian institutions, and communities. Personal, private, and systematic therapy for personal issues is available. Counseling services are provided without charge and without discrimination. Their training programmes are meant to help counsellors become competent. Person to Person offers teaching seminars that cater to the requirements of families at all stages of growth, as well as custom-designed courses and programmes.

The Problem

Person to person sought to merge their courses, sessions, and tests into their existing website, which made it difficult for learners to manage all of them in the existing website. The decrease in website visitors had an impact on Person to Person’s goals and objectives, so they sought to us for help. Our team investigated the challenges and redeveloped a brand new website in WordPress that addressed all of their concerns.

Training Courses

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The problem

Existing website was not user friendly which resulted in less traffic to the website and the organisation was unable to achieve its goal

When Person to Person decided to merge their courses, exams, and sessions onto their website, it became difficult for the learners to operate it since it was not user welcoming or as seamless as it should have been for a hassle-free user experience. The number of visitors to the website decreased as a result of this issue since users did not have a pleasant experience. Person to Person was unable to attain their objectives as a result of this problem.

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The solution

They sought our support in order to find a solution to all of these issues. Our professionals analysed and evaluated the issues and concerns that they had brought to our attention. We came up with a plan to migrate the current website to WordPress, which enabled us to integrate with an LMS plugin, which assisted us in adding sessions, courses, assessments, and other necessary features to the website and create a better user experience.

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a set of software that allows organizations to develop, deliver, and track training for their workers, clients, and partners. Learners from all over the world may interact with instructors in real-time or via recorded sessions when organizations apply an LMS to conduct training online. Trainees can also access online training material (courses, guidelines, quizzes, movies, and so on) at any time. A Learning Management System can clearly satisfy a variety of training purposes. An LMS can be used by an individual to offer their courses online, a corporation to teach people internally, or a consulting firm to train customers on a variety of topics.

Migrated to WordPress with LMS Plugin which assisted with necessary features

How does WordPress integrate LMS?

To connect or construct an LMS in WordPress, we’ll need to install one of the many available WordPress LMS plugins. WordPress plugins for learning management systems (LMS) allow you to build and run online courses. A good WordPress LMS plugin can let you manage your online course material, manage memberships, administer and evaluate quizzes, accept payments, and much more. For WordPress, there are a variety of premium and free LMS plugins to choose from. We may choose the plugins that best fit our needs.

The Solutions - How did it help solve the problem?

We were able to add sessions, courses, assignments, exams, as well as integrate the payment gateway and any other requirements by the organisation, after migrating the website to WordPress and integrating the LMS plugin. The website worked well after the integration, and visitors had a positive user experience, allowing them to attend sessions, access courses, access exams and study materials, as well as make payments. Following that, the organisation was able to achieve their objectives.

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