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7 proven hacks for increasing Ecommerce conversions

November 29, 2023

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Ecommerce hacks

Does your e-commerce website struggle to convert the necessary number of visitors? You are, after all, competing with millions of other websites for the same customers. Even if you search inside your chosen field, you will face competition from hundreds or thousands of other websites.

Why is conversion required?

Increasing your store’s income requires effective conversion rate optimisation. All of your effort will be for naught if you spend time and money attracting visitors to your website but no one makes any purchases.

How then can you increase website traffic and conversions?

Using a combination of CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies is the solution. You’ll find seven tried-and-true e-commerce tips in this article that you may apply to boost your conversion rates. So have a look at them and put into action the ones you think are most applicable to your business and useful.

7 Ecommerce hacks you should consider for ecommerce conversion

  • Use FOMO to Get Instant Conversions 

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is actual. People respond strongly to urgency in the fast-paced world of today, when attention spans are getting shorter. Nobody wants to pass up a chance only to regret it later. You may benefit from this fear of losing out as an online business. Create a sense of urgency to compel them to purchase your products immediately.

How can you create a sense of urgency? 

You can do that either by showing limited quantity or limited time to buy.

Limited Quantity 

The simplest strategy to use the power of FOMO is to simply announce that just a few things remain and that your products are selling out quickly. Mention the number of units remaining in stock beneath each product and keep your inventory low to generate a genuine feeling of urgency.

Limited Time

Another technique to instil FOMO in your prospective consumers is to inform them that they only have a limited time to take advantage of an offer or deal. For limited-time offers, you may employ countdown timers on your ecommerce website.

  • Link Your Site with Your Social Media Accounts 

Connecting your website to your social media accounts is one of the most effective strategies to enhance ecommerce conversions. Instagram, in particular, is one of the most effective social media sites for ecommerce shops. Because of the platform’s visual nature, businesses may easily exhibit their items and make them appear to be native content rather than promotional material. Furthermore, most platforms now include business-friendly tools that allow consumers to immediately purchase any products they view on social media. To sell on social media, you can use shoppable posts, links in bio, Instagram stores, and other similar capabilities.

  • Provide Social Proof

Feedback from customers and testimonials that urge other consumers to try a product or service are examples of social proof. Prospective clients may be more motivated to purchase it if they see social proof from your present customers. After all, if previous consumers recommend a product or service, it must be excellent. 

How can you include social proof into your ecommerce site? 

Add user ratings and reviews to your product pages to demonstrate how much a product is loved by customers. Make it simple for consumers to give ratings and reviews in order to attract more of them. You may also request written or video testimonials from consumers to display on your website.

  •  Use a Mobile-Responsive Site Design

Going mobile first is a quick technique for boosting e-commerce conversions. Your website may be losing a large number of visitors just because it is not mobile friendly. Switching to a mobile-first website design will increase visitors to your ecommerce site and, as a result, sales conversions. This is no longer a choice, but rather a need for all ecommerce sites, since many customers prefer to shop on their phones. Also, rather of doing it afterwards, make sure you do it when you start your ecommerce business and develop a website.

  • Add the Best Product Visuals

When it comes to ecommerce conversions, nothing motivates a customer to buy more than product images. For some things, like as fashion or home décor, this may be the most essential aspect in making a purchase. As a result, you must put your best foot forward when it comes to product visuals in order to win over more customers. 

How can you do that? 

Here are a few pointers to get you started: When taking product photographs and videos, always utilise a high-quality camera. Take many photographs from various angles to effectively present the product. Use a 360-degree movie to demonstrate the product’s appearance. In your product images, provide text to offer additional information about the product. You may also create videos that demonstrate how a product is used.

  • Check and Increase Your Website Speed

One of the reasons why site visitors leave without making a purchase is because the site is sluggish. People don’t like to stay and fight to make a purchase when there are so many other possibilities. As a result, ensure that your site, particularly the product pages, loads swiftly and smoothly. Use high-quality graphics, but keep file sizes as small as possible to ensure that they load quickly. To boost your site’s performance, use techniques such as caching and a content delivery network.

  • Optimize the Checkout and Payment Process

Have you ever abandoned items in your shopping basket because the checkout and payment procedure were overly long and complicated? You are not, however, alone. For this reason, many customers leave their shopping carts. Perhaps the registration process is too long, there aren’t enough payment alternatives, or anything else is turning off your prospects. You may simply avoid this by optimising your checkout and payment procedures. 


Follow these tips: Allow prospective consumers to log in via social media to save time. If you must have them fill out a form, simply provide the required fields. Provide a variety of payment alternatives. Make use of safe payment options.

How can Tecnolynx assist you?

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