Our Philosophy

In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny.

About Us

Tecnolynx, as the name suggest in texting terminology, aim to link or bridge the gap between businesses and cutting-edge technologies. The Tecnolynx approach is simple and straight forward, take genuine care of customers and use the wealth of experience on multiple technologies, products and systems to support business needs of customers. We passionately follow a holistic approach in delivering customer centric solutions, that are of high quality, fits the business needs and are affordable to our clients.

Tecnolynx focus on implementing solutions based on open source technologies as these technologies are widely adapted by start-ups as well as the industry giants. Openness of these technologies and selfless support of contributors & community encouraged us to embrace these technologies and advocate the same to our customers. Following are the benefits opensource technologies bring to the table:

  • Shorter solution development and implementation period that ensure earlier return on investments.
  • Flexibility in building upon the readily available platform and the ease of integrations with legacy systems and 3rd party services.
  • Affordable solutions as there is no licensing fees. The costing for the solutions cover only customizations, integrations, support and maintenance.
  • Enhanced reliability factor due to the frequent updates and the continued support of experts in the community.
  • Security – safety of leading opensource software are analysed and verified by the community. The community take pride in maintaining the highest standards.

Our Expertise

Core PHP and Laravel, Zend, Codeigniter & CakePHP
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, BigCommerce
HTMLs, CSS3, Bootstrap & Jquery
Web and Mobile Application Testing
Solution Consultations, Business Analysis & Documentation
Cloud hosting, Deployments, Maintenance and Support

We are group of passionate opensource technology people with a wealth of experience in the IT industry. Challenging jobs excite us, seeing them through with success and watching your business achieve is itself a rewarding experience.

Tecnolynx Processes

We follow a flexible approach in project management. Tecnolynx engineers are adept in traditional waterfall and agile project management methodologies. When the business requirements are clearly defined, a fixed price contract and waterfall methodology is the preferred approach to deliver a high-quality solution on time and on budget. In some cases, the requirements are not easy to be defined upfront, in such cases an agile, value-driven approach that allows discovery, development and delivery of most viable product (MVP) is recommended. Following is our standard approach to project management: